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S-Chefs Culinary System GmbH


S-Chefs Culinary System GmbH
Auf der Höhe 10
47059 Duisburg

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As your 'Ghostkitchen', we offer you the opportunity to fully integrate our products into your range as a white label. Our innovative and sustainable solutions enable bulk consumers to offer freshly prepared meals in the shortest possible time.

We use both Rieber GN stainless steel containers and reusable melamine plates, which keep your food at temperatures below 7°C for at least 5 days.

Our reusable systems ensure the quality of the food from preparation to serving, without the need for repackaging.

This type of packaging saves time and reduces stress, while at the same time preserving the freshness and naturalness of the food.

The flexibility of our system allows you to offer a wide range of food for a wide variety of events, from corporate events to trade fairs and large events. Our menus are individually tailored to your needs and range from traditional to modern, from regional to international dishes.

With S-Chefs®, you can rely on an efficient, high-quality and sustainable solution that expands your customer base while protecting the environment and conserving resources.


100% planning security

100% calculation-proof

100% Flexible storage

100% longer fresh, between 5-15 days depending on the product

100% cold food on reusable ½ GN melamine plates

100% neutral delivery / white label

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S-Chefs Culinary System GmbH

Auf der Höhe 10 (wholesale market), 47059 Duisburg

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Managing directors: Frank Schwarz, Angelo Vocale

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Register number: HRB 6278

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